Recent Events


4 may: commencement 2019

The radiant Arooshee Giroti, ‘19 and Ellie Olds, ‘19

The radiant Arooshee Giroti, ‘19 and Ellie Olds, ‘19

Our seniors done us dirty for the final time. Commence onward, you intelligent, sophisticated, beautiful women!

18 April: Album Fundraiser 2019

A huge thank you to our supporters for helping us achieve our goal of $3000 to fund our album. The recording train is chugging along, and we’re getting closer and closer to the end of the tracks. Sigh. Patience is a virtue! In the meantime, go watch some old Mirchi minutes xD

14 April: Annual Meeting 2019

As summer draws nearer, the group elects its new executive board for the 2019-2020 school year:

President: Swathi Sampath

Business Manager: Rahul Mirchandani

Music Directors: Aparna Iyer & Spencer Harris

Performance Director: Saachi Mittal

Good luck to our friends, and welcome to exec!

Our annual “stair” pic at Gathe Raho :D

Our annual “stair” pic at Gathe Raho :D

5 April: winter concert

…And another year has come and gone. We had a wonderful end-of-year concert and said bittersweet goodbyes to our two GOAT seniors, Ellie Olds and Arooshee Giroti. We will miss them oh so much :(

23 Feb: Best Choreography!

Congratulations to our two amazing Performance Directors, Arooshee Giroti and Swathi Sampath for winning Best Choreography at Gathe Raho 2019!

2 Feb: ICCA Quarterfinals

We had lots of fun hosting and performing at ICCA Quarterfinals at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor. Congrats to all the beautiful groups who performed!!!